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How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is a series of clear, plastic aligners that serve as an alternative orthodontic treatment option to braces. Here, our Calgary orthodontists describe how Invisalign works.

Getting Started

To get started with Invisalign, the first step is to visit your orthodontist for an assessment. At Orthostyle Calgary, your orthodontist will examine your smile, and discuss your goals for treatment with you, to determine if Invisalign is the right choice for you.

How Invisalign Works

Once Invisalign has been prescribed, treatment can begin! Your orthodontist will take digital 3D impressions of your teeth, and these will be used to create your series of aligners.

With Invisalign, you don’t just get one set of orthodontic appliances that you wear throughout treatment, like with braces. Instead, you get a whole series of aligners, each set of which you will wear for about two weeks before you move on to the next.

Invisalign aligners are custom made from transparent plastic to fit your mouth precisely at each stage of your treatment. Each set of aligners is designed to pick up where the previous set left off, gradually shifting your teeth into their new, straighter positions. On average, patients’ teeth will typically move up to 0.25 mm per tray.

The number of aligners you need will depend on the severity of your misalignment. The more misaligned your teeth are, the more aligners you will need to correct the problem, and the longer treatment will ultimately take.

During Treatment

Invisalign aligners are removable, and you will need to take them out each time you eat, and to brush and floss your teeth. You will also need to take them out when they need cleaning.

Otherwise, you should leave your aligners in full time (a minimum of 22 hours a day). You may be tempted to take them out more frequently or for longer periods of time, but this is not a good idea, because it could cause your teeth to shift, ultimately resulting in treatment setbacks.

Throughout the treatment process, your orthodontist will monitor your progress and make adjustments to your treatment where needed.

How Does Invisalign Work?

If you have more questions about how Invisalign works, contact our Calgary orthodontists today to book an appointment!

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