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OrthoTalk with Dr. David - The Health Benefits of a Straighter Smile

On this episode of OrthoTalk, Dr. David of Orthostyle Calgary, explains the health benefits of straighter teeth!

Health Benefits

Despite what you may believe, the benefits of straight teeth go beyond the obvious aesthetic results. There are lesser known, oral-systemic health benefits of having a straighter smile.

Often crooked, overlapped or misaligned teeth can be more difficult to clean, which can create pockets for bacteria to grow. If this bacteria enters the blood stream, it may attribute to other systemic health problems, including lower birth rate, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes. To help prevent the growth of bacteria, we recommend treating the cause, in some cases, overlapping teeth.  By straightening the bite, the teeth and gums are more accessible and therefore, may be easier to clean.  

Once your digital scan is complete, we can manipulate the 3D image on the ITero scanner’s touchscreen to look at the image from every angle. We will isolate the upper and lower teeth, evaluate the bite and determine what needs to be done to straighten the teeth and correct misalignment.

A straighter smile can also contribute to a better bite, which may help decrease factors that cause grinding, including malocclusion which means, premature contact of the upper or lower teeth.

Eliminating that premature contact, on top of reducing the chance of grinding, can help prevent teeth fractures or fractures of the cusp.

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